Other Projects

The layouts below are for customized homes.

L-shaped House on Stilts

1,200 square feet with sea view terrace

Square 'Covintec' House

1,600 square feet with front and back porch
and roof deck

Panelized House on Stilts

1,200 square feet with sea view terrace
+ 350 square feet guesthouse

Modern Design House

1,200 square feet with sea view terrace

Tourist Complex: 30 Panelized Bungalows

30 square meters + porch

Three Level Concrete Block House

1,200 square feet with 500 square feet deck

Two Rental Units on Stilts

680 square feet plus balcony

Concrete Block House

1,900 square feet

Concrete Block House with zinc roof

1,800 square feet

About the Company

What do we do?

New Building Concept is a general contracting company specializing in home construction and renovation. With more than a decade of experience in the trade, we have built a strong reputation for service and quality of work.

Where do we serve?

Our services cover the whole country of Belize and, more specifically, the expatriate community of Consejo Shores and the two nearby residential developments, Wagner's Landing and Mayan Seaside.

What is our status?

NBC is a registered company that pays and treats its workers decently and provides them with insurable employment.

We also speak French and Spanish.

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