Why Choose Us?

Whatever building project you have in mind, we can put our expertise to work for you. We have the skills and knowledge to get any job done right, but what makes us unique is our customer-first approach to service, based on three principles:

  • Professional work ethic, making sure your job is done correctly the first time
  • Commitment to quality, from our craftsmanship to the products we select for your home
  • Communication, through the entire process and follow-up, to ensure your satisfaction.

Why Is New Building Concept Different from Its Competitors?

NBC is the only builder in the area to provide:

•  Comprehensive construction contracts

Most contractors in Belize do not offer to enter into a building contract with their client as it is not a legal requirement in this country. At NBC, we know that a contract is as important to the success of a building project as the plans, designs, and materials used during construction. It gives you transparency and clarity on what's going to happen along the way.

•  Site investigations

Performing a site investigation during the pre-construction stage is a crucial step of the building process as it enables the detection of any unforeseen conditions such as underground caves.

•  A tight coordination of job sites, which is reflected in:

  • a constant supervision of the works
  • an active participation of the general contractor in the various phases of the construction process
  • a training of the workers when specific skills are needed
  • the maintenance of a clean and safe job site

In Belize, the continuing involvement of the contractor in the building process proves to be a determining factor for the success of any project since local workers are not familiar with North American or European quality standards.

•  Regular progress reports

A summary of the progress made in each key area of the project is issued regularly to the client, along with progress photographs.

•  A defects liability period

At NBC, we understand that no matter how much care we put into the construction of a home, there can be instances where problems arise. Our contracts include a defects liability period during which we are responsible for repairing or rectifying defects that may appear in the works.

•  The opportunity to visit a model home

A good contractor should be able to show you some of his previous work. To demonstrate the quality of our work, we will be happy to walk you through our model home as well as show you other jobs we've completed.

•  The possibility to visualize home floor plans in 3D

To give you a better idea of what your dream home will look like, NBC offers you the opportunity to digitally visualize your layout in 3D.

•  Solid references

The many repeat customers we serve best illustrate our continued commitment to customer satisfaction.

Unlike some other contractors, NBC:

  • manages one project at a time
  • works with its own crew and equipment
  • uses licensed electricians
  • sets reasonable completion deadlines, in compliance with technical building regulations.

As you can see, at NBC we care about our customers and strive to provide them with a level of service that is unmatched by our competitors.

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Hire a Professional

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur."

Many so-called contractors in Belize are unqualified and inexperienced. They provide poor site management and supervision, only stopping by the construction site from time to time. And when asked to write things down, they say it is not necessary.

New Building Concept contract sample and business card
NBC works with contracts

When planning a building or renovation project, always get a written contract that states what work will be done, what it will cost and how payments will be made. Without a contract, there is little you can do if the work is of poor quality or incomplete. And you risk being charged far more than you expected.

Don't be taken in by promises of a low price by someone who's cutting corners. It could end up being a real nightmare for you. Hire a professional contractor and get value for your money.

About the Company

What do we do?

New Building Concept is a general contracting company specializing in home construction and renovation. With more than a decade of experience in the trade, we have built a strong reputation for service and quality of work.

Where do we serve?

Our services cover the whole country of Belize and, more specifically, the expatriate community of Consejo Shores and the two nearby residential developments, Wagner's Landing and Mayan Seaside.

What is our status?

NBC is a registered company that pays and treats its workers decently and provides them with insurable employment.

We also speak French and Spanish.

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