At New Building Concept, we pride ourselves on our professionalism with a friendly and personal approach to all of our clients and their projects. But don't take our word for it, have a look at what our customers have to say about working with us.

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"We contracted Frederic to build a master bedroom suite as an addition to our stilted home. After contacting several builders, we found Frederic was the only one who was willing to accommodate our project. We are very satisfied with the finished addition and have made plans to have him renovate our home in the near future. We would highly recommend Frederic for all stages of a building project! He is very customer service oriented, professional, dependable, trustworthy and friendly. If you have changes to your initial design, or even after he has started your project, he accommodates your revision with enthusiasm! He is very easy to work with. Also, a bonus for us was that he (and his crew) left the worksite clean and the build ready to move in!"

— Michael and Jennifer Rivers

"I own a house in Consejo Shores where I spend a few weeks per year. For several years I have hired Frederic for various renovation and maintenance projects and he has always given me complete satisfaction. Each time I am in Belize I come back to Frederic for some home repair or improvement works and I will never go to anybody else."

— John Budlong

"We have owned our house since 2005 and have had Frederic do several remodel projects for us. For almost all of the work we have not been in Belize during the job but via conversations and email we have communicated what we wanted done and Frederic has completed the projects in a very professional and workman like manner. Many contractors in Belize need daily supervision in order to get the job done on time, on budget and done correctly, but with Frederic you know that it will be done right whether you are there or not."

— Tom and Gail King

"I have used Frederic's services on several projects over the last 10 years. These include building some furniture for us, doing some crack repairs on cement and some painting work. Most recently he completed two major projects for us, completely rebuilding our dock and covering our roof with zinc sheeting. I have been very satisfied with all his work!"

— Roger and Barbara Henry

"We have had the pleasure of working with Frederic for over ten years. He has done a variety of major remodeling and repair projects at our home in Consejo Shores. Frederic is an honest, reliable, and skilled contractor. I am a licensed architect in Belize and have recommended Frederic to my clients and to a number of the architectural and engineering firms with whom I have worked. If you have a new construction project or just have some work you need done around the house that you want done right ask Frederic."

— Vance and Karen Titus

"We had a very difficult time finding a contractor who could build our home to the specifications outlined in our custom plans. After two very frustrating years working with two different contractors, one who was dishonest and the other clearly incompetent, we found Frederic. His honesty and professionalism was a breath of fresh air after our previous experience. At the time we were still working in the U.S. and could not be onsite to monitor the progress. Frederic kept us fully informed on each phase of the project. We were notified immediately if he encountered a problem and he worked with us until an acceptable solution was found to solve the problem. We are thrilled with our beautiful home and are thankful everyday we found Frederic."

— Shannon and Kris Tilbe

"I have had the pleasure to work with Frederic on several occasions, and can safely say that he is a contractor that takes great pride in his work and holds himself and his crew to the highest standards. He is one of very few contractors willing to lose money rather than leave a job badly done. I can also personally attest to his rescuing a project that had been beset by problems from the start. I would not hesitate to use Frederic and his team on any of my projects."

— Carlton Young - Principal, Young's Engineering Consultancy Limited

"We selected Frederic as the General Contractor to build our retirement home in Consejo Shores, Belize, in 2013. Frederic has an excellent understanding of construction work in Belize and working with the various Tradesmen there. Since we reside in Canada and were not in Belize during the build, his knowledge, skills and expertise allowed us to put our trust in him to build what we wanted and he delivered on that 100%. Frederic provided regular messages and pictures as the building progressed which allowed us to experience a stress-free building experience while we were thousands of miles away. We would highly recommend Frederic to build your dream home for you."

— Lori C.

"After some bitter experiences with local contractors it was a delight and a relief to work with Frederic on a number of projects pertaining to our own properties. He not only meets expectations in full but is also scrupulously fair with pricing. He takes great pride in his work with a touch quite unique and special. He has completed a number of projects for me while I have been absent abroad and none disappointed me. I trust him wholeheartedly and would never look further than him for new projects."

— Bob Griffiths

"I recently bought a property in northern Belize and have had several projects that needed to be done. I have not been able to be in the country for any of the work and have to trust the contractor I hire. It's difficult to find someone who does good work and is trustworthy, especially when you are thousands of miles away. It has been such a relief to work with Frederic. I communicate with him through email and whatsapp for the projects I need done and Frederic has kept me updated throughout the project and completes projects in a very professional manner. I have been very satisfied with his work and will continue to work with Frederic for any building or home improvement projects I may need."

— LeChele Mack

"We are very much enjoying our new concrete home in Belize, constructed by Frédéric, owner of New Building Concept. The build was a challenging set of circumstances, including supply issues and shortage of skilled workers post-pandemic. We were in Canada throughout most of the 16-month process, and were very happy with the flow of information back and forth during construction. From the beginning, we were impressed with Frédéric's knowledge of construction and also his knowledge of design; he made several important changes to our house design that improved the functionality and appearance.  He was honest about what he could do or not do, and provided very detailed quotes for extras that were on our wish list. He provided a very detailed contract prior to the start of construction and was clear about his responsibilities and ours. He was always available via phone, email or text. As with most large projects, problems did arise but we worked together to resolve the issues and we were impressed with Frédéric's ability to find reasonably priced solutions. He explained in detail the reasons and costs of over-run expenses. The quality of workmanship of our concrete home is very high throughout. Frédéric was able to source high quality suppliers and as a result, all components of our house are of excellent quality, particularly our plumbing and electrical systems, cistern/water supply system, windows, doors, tile, and cabinetry. We are very happy with the end result and would recommend NBC for any building project."

— Deborah and Neil Marshall
About the Company

What do we do?

New Building Concept is a general contracting company specializing in home construction and renovation. With more than a decade of experience in the trade, we have built a strong reputation for service and quality of work.

Where do we serve?

Our services cover the whole country of Belize and, more specifically, the expatriate community of Consejo Shores and the two nearby residential developments, Wagner's Landing and Mayan Seaside.

What is our status?

NBC is a registered company that pays and treats its workers decently and provides them with insurable employment.

We also speak French and Spanish.

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